WildBrain Secures Floris Van Bommel, 'Space Invaders' Deal

Space Invaders
For those of you who didn't grow up in the late seventies or haven't spent much time in arcades: Space Invaders is one of the most iconic Arcade games ever, so Floris Van Bommel did good by bringing it back. The simple gameplay where you use a laser canon that moves from left to right to defeat alien “Invaders”, is seen as the start of the gaming industry. The futuristic design of the game is considered as one of the most iconic pop culture imagery of the late 70's and 80's.
That 'futuristic design' is exactly what Floris tried to implement in the SS21 collection. The designer used Space Invaders' recognizable colors and Invader figurines on the outer sole, the rest of the design is kept rather sleek with a vintage look and feel. Floris Van Bommel designed three pairs - in green, black and off-white - both for men and women, so the sneakers can be enjoyed by all fans of the game.

2021-03-10 17:28:47